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Personalized Service

Your business is unique. We will provide personalized service tailored to your company. You will have access to a CPA that specializes in small business accounting and strategic advising. We can help educate and counsel you to keep your financials in good shape throughout the year and alert you to any potential problems.

Cash is King

Cash flow is the ultimate lifeblood of any business, especially for a small business. We can address any problems to make your business run more smoothly.  Once your books are clean and in order, we will be able to improve cash flow and identify areas that can be made more efficient. We can manage your receivables and make sure your invoices are being paid on time. 

CFO in your pocket

Not just bookkeeping. We provide advice and coaching to help you reach your financial goals.  We are experts in cash management, budgeting, and margin analysis.  Ever wonder why you did great one month and poorly the next? We analyze the numbers and identify strategies to help you increase cash flow, navigate business cycle trends, and increase profitability.  We also explain what the numbers mean in easy to understand terms.  This gives you knowledgeable feedback in real time to make decisions immediately not just at tax time.  Understanding your business is our business and you can rely on our expertise to be your guide.

Catch up and Clean Up Services

Are your books behind or just a mess?  We can help get you back on track.  We are experts at cleaning financials. We will review and organize bank and credit card accounts, rebuild missing ledgers, and prepare your financials and all sub schedules. We can help you separate business and personal finances.  This can greatly reduce your personal liability.  Clean books will help out with loans, audits, analysis, and tax readiness. You will be able to see where every dollar is going.

Tax and Audit Readiness

While we do not prepare taxes or perform audits, your books will be maintained and ready for taxes and audits. We maintain all of the financial information you and your tax accountant will need to file your taxes. The detailed backup is also stored on secured servers in case your business is audited. We can work directly with your tax accountant or auditor should any questions arise. You can relax knowing that you will never have to scramble or be caught off guard by financial questions.

Packages & Services

Your business is unique. Big or small, we can tailor a package that fits your company's needs.

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